About Us

Founded: June, 2003

Founder: Barry Lusco

About Us

   Based in Baton Rouge; The Seafood Source of Louisiana is a trusted seafood marketplace for customers who expect quality and integrity from their seafood purveyor. Our fishermen are held to a high standard of quality, because we stand behind everything that we sell. Whether it be fresh fish, crabs, oysters, or shrimp; we run our refrigerated trucks daily to our docks along the Gulf coast, bringing back a bounty of beautiful Louisiana seafood.

   Our staff has been in most aspects of the seafood industry for many years, and can offer you our expertise to help your seafood program grow. Whether you are a broker, distributor, restaurateur, or mom and pop grocer; we have the knowledge and ability to help you increase your sales. Our 20,000 sq.ft. refrigerated facility is located just a few miles from  interstate highways 10, 12, and 110, and is visited daily by refrigerated logistics providers. Most regional deliveries in south Louisiana are delivered to you by our own fleet.

   We genuinely care about our customer's well being and view our business relationship as a partnership. If your business does not grow, then we as your supplier in turn, will not grow. So give us a call, and see what we have to offer.

Douglas Oleander

   Our fresh fin fish and tuna program is run by Mr. Ronney Batson. Ronney spent 12 years as the captain of a tuna boat; fishing for tuna and swordfish in the Gulf of Mexico.  With the birth of his son, Ronney gave up life on the water. Since then for the last 24 years, he has been grading tuna and swordfish; shipping them to distributors and end users across the country. Our fresh Gulf tuna and fin fish are unsurpassed in quality and freshness, and of course everything is HACCP documented. So give us a call, and see what we have to offer.